Pediatric Dental Emergency FAQs

If you are unsure if your child’s dental injury requires medical care or if there is anything you can do at home to treat a dental emergency, read on. Here we will answer common questions parents have regarding pediatric dental emergencies. Our dental office provides emergency dentistry services for children in Mt. Airy, MD. Knowing what to do at home in an emergency and whether your child requires medical care is important. We welcome parents to learn when to visit our dental office for a pediatric dental emergency. 

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FAQs: Emergency Dentistry Services in Mt. Airy, MD

There are many frequently asked questions parents may have when it comes to emergency dental care for their children: 

Should I take my child to the ER for a dental emergency?

You should take your child to the ER if they have physical injuries, including excessive bleeding or a broken jaw, in addition to their dental problems. If your child loses a tooth, breaks a tooth, or experiences pain from a toothache, we recommend professional dental care. Our office can provide dental care after your child receives medical attention.

What should I do if my child has a toothache?

We recommend you visit our dental office immediately if your child has a toothache. Before your office visit, you can provide your child with ibuprofen like Advil or Motrin. Avoid giving your child particularly hot or cold foods or drinks, as that can increase their tooth sensitivity. 

Is it an emergency if my child loses a permanent tooth?

If your child loses a permanent tooth, contact a dentist. Alternatively, it is not required to see a dentist if your child loses their primary or baby teeth. Please bring your child’s tooth with them to the office in a cup of saliva. Keeping the tooth moist will increase the chance that we can reattach the tooth.

What do I do if my child fractures a tooth?

If your child breaks or fractures a tooth, place a clean damp cloth or piece of gauze on the tooth. Please get in touch with us if your child experiences bleeding. Fractured, bleeding teeth are more at risk of infection. Additionally, if the tooth is broken into pieces, try to find the pieces to bring to our office. Then, we can try to place the pieces back together.  

Are broken braces wires an emergency?

Broken braces wires are not technically an emergency. However, we will ask our patients to make an appointment during regular office hours so we can fix the wires. You can use a cotton swab to place the wire at home comfortably. Do not try to trim the wire, as this can poke the gums and increase your child’s pain.

Do you need your questions answered by a dental professional? Call (301) 781-5337. If you do not have a dental emergency but need a pediatric dentist for your child, schedule a dental consultation with us online.