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At Mt. Airy Children’s Dental Associates, we make it our mission to help patients of all ages receive high-quality dental care. Our office focuses on pediatric and orthodontic dental care. On this page, discover more about our practice with parent and patient information for our Mt. Airy, MD office.

Pediatric Dental Patients in Mt. Airy, Maryland

What Does Our Dental Office Offer?

Our dental office provides pediatric and orthodontic dental care. Pediatric dentistry is a branch that treats children from infancy through adolescence. Orthodontics can correct problems with the teeth, jaw, and bite. We offer Invisalign and metal braces for children and adults with misaligned bites and crooked teeth.

Why is Pediatric Oral Health Care Important?

Your child is prone to dental problems at an early age. Babies need oral health care just like everyone else. We recommend wiping your baby’s gums with a clean cloth after feedings to prevent bacterial buildup. Then, once their first teeth grow in, you can gently brush them with an infant toothbrush.

Caring for your child’s smile can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Once your child can brush their teeth, they can learn how to remove decay-causing bacteria. Encouraging good oral health habits at a young age allows children to care for their smiles properly. Children who visit a pediatric dentist receive care tailored to their age group and specific needs.

Some dental health treatments are only meant for younger patients. For instance, dental sealants protect the chewing surfaces of the molars. Sealants prevent cavities and decay, which are common among children.

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is another customized treatment for children. We recommend orthodontics for children with jaw or tooth development problems at a young age. Tooth and jaw development are vital in helping children eat and speak. We can examine your child’s smile at regular visits to see if they qualify for early orthodontic treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry: Oral Health and Overall Health

Dental health is linked with overall health. Problems like cavities, tongue-tie, lip-tie, and crooked teeth can make everyday life difficult for children. 

Children with poor oral health can: 

  • Have trouble paying attention in school
  • Encounter nutritional problems
  • Have speech development problems
  • Get lower grades in school
  • Experience irritability and trouble sleeping

Poor oral health impacts more than the teeth and gums. This is why it is essential for children to visit the dentist. Visiting the dentist regularly can prevent oral health problems and ensure children keep their teeth and gums healthy. 

Parent and Patient Information in Mt. Airy, MD

Parents can learn about our pediatric dental team, routine visits, and more on our website: 

Answering Pediatric Dental FAQs

There are many common questions that parents have about their child’s oral health, including: 

Why are baby teeth important?

The primary or baby teeth provide space for permanent teeth to grow. They also help babies bite and chew properly. Healthy primary teeth help jaw bones and muscles to develop correctly. Parents need to care for their child’s baby teeth once they erupt.

You can brush your child’s teeth with a small infant toothbrush. Use a small amount of toothpaste, about the size of a grain of rice. Children are prone to dental cavities. Good oral hygiene and healthy habits can prevent primary and permanent teeth damage. 

When do baby teeth appear?

You may notice your child’s baby teeth appear around six months. By age three, your child can have all of their primary teeth. Around age six, your child’s permanent teeth begin to appear. All of the permanent teeth erupt by age 21.

Will my child need a filling if they get a cavity in a baby tooth?

Yes. We recommend a filling for your child, even if their affected tooth is a baby tooth. Baby teeth are essential to your child’s future oral health. Caring for the baby teeth will help your child’s permanent teeth develop correctly. 

Immediately treating a cavity will also prevent the spread of infection through the mouth. Bacteria from the dental cavity can affect surrounding teeth and gums.

How harmful is thumb-sucking for my child’s teeth?

If a child persistently sucks their thumb, it can affect the roof of the mouth and even tooth alignment. Children who continually suck their thumbs can experience crooked teeth and a narrow palate. Problems like open bites, overbites, and other orthodontic issues are connected to thumb sucking.

Often, children suck their thumbs because they are anxious and need comfort. One great way to stop thumb-sucking is to focus on the cause of their anxiety. Rewarding children who do not suck their thumbs during difficult times can help curb the habit.

Does my child need orthodontic treatment?

Regular appointments are necessary because our team can discover problems like a bad bite or crooked teeth. Our team can find signs of orthodontic problems in children as young as 2 or 3. We can treat children who have problems with thumb-sucking and underdeveloped tooth arches. From 6 to 12, we can recommend treatment for crooked teeth or jaw problems. 

At home, take note of signs that your child may need braces, including:

  • Problems biting and chewing
  • Protruding upper teeth
  • Mouth breathing
  • Difficulty speaking clearly
  • Thumb sucking
  • Gaps between teeth

Why are there adult teeth behind my child’s baby teeth?

Sometimes, you can see adult or permanent teeth behind the baby teeth. This is possible even if the baby teeth have not fallen out of the mouth. The primary teeth will eventually fall out on their own in several months. We can also remove the baby tooth to accommodate the permanent tooth.

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