Mt Airy MD Pediatric Dentist Office Special Needs Patients

At Mt. Airy Children’s Dental Associates, we make our office a comfortable and welcoming space for all dental patients. We work with patients who have special needs so they can keep their teeth and gums healthy. Our dentists collaborate with parents to ensure that their child has a relaxing experience in our office with treatment tailored to their smiles. We also ensure patient comfort throughout treatment. Here you can discover more about our pediatric dentist’s office and how we care for special needs patients in Mt. Airy, MD.

Special Needs Pediatric Dentist in Mt. Airy, Maryland

Pediatric Care for Special Needs Patients in Mt. Airy, MD

We encourage parents to find a pediatric dentist for their child at an early age. Receiving dental care in the same office makes visiting the dentist a better experience for patients. If we are not your child’s first dental office, we will need their dental history. Understanding your child’s up-to-date medical history allows us to accurately diagnose and treat their dental problems.

One important aspect of professional dental care is treatment planning. Our dentists work with you and your child to plan treatment according to their needs. Dental history also helps with treatment planning as we take patient allergies, sensitivities, and even past experience with anesthesia and sedation into account. 

Comfortable, Pain-Free Dental Care

Many young patients may be frightened by the prospect of dental care. Our friendly team and office staff are here to help patients and parents feel welcomed and comforted. We understand that visiting the dentist can be frightening, especially if a child hasn’t been to our office before. 

Sedation is one of the highest quality dental tools for patients who require simple and complex dental procedures. Our dental office provides safe dental sedation for children. Sedation is an important tool to avoid pain, discomfort, stress, and trauma for patients. General anesthesia and conscious sedation are great options for patients because they feel calm and relaxed without feeling any pain. We administer sedation according to the patient’s age, height, weight, and history. Our dentists constantly monitor patients under sedation to ensure their comfort. 

Contact Our Pediatric Office

Does your child need dental care? Call our office today at (301) 781-5337. You may also request a dental consultation with us on our website. Feel free to let our dentists know if you have any questions and they will be glad to assist you.