What to Do if Your Child Has a Dental Emergency

We all want our children to be safe and well taken care of. That’s why it’s so easy to feel panicked or frustrated when your child suffers an injury. But the best thing you can do during a pediatric dental emergency in Mt. Airy, MD, is to stay calm and keep a cool head. Children’s bodies and mouths are more resilient than you may think, and most emergencies aren’t as dire as they appear. For many cases of a dental emergency, you may even be able to treat the problem at home. If not, your pediatric dentist can help provide a quick emergency response.

A pediatric Dental Emergency in Mt. Airy MD, can be scary, but help is available

When is a Dental Emergency in Mt. Airy, MD, Critical

Children get minor scrapes and bruises every day. In many cases, a child is usually alright and can continue playing with minimal or no treatment. In fact, many parents have discovered that a child is more likely to cry or panic if they, themselves, are reacting as such. If your child does suffer an accident, the best thing to do is approach them calmly, using soothing words, to inspect the damage to see if it truly is an emergency.

Cut Lips, Cheeks, and Tongues

It’s common for toddlers and children to bite or otherwise cut their lips, cheeks, and tongues. When this happens, you should have your child rinse their mouth out with warm water. If they are bleeding, apply pressure using a cold compress or clean gauze until the bleeding stops. If the bleeding continues to persist for more than twenty minutes, you should contact your child’s dentist or doctor for additional treatment.


Most people experience toothaches at some point in their life, but children, who are more likely to develop cavities, can have them more frequently. If your child is complaining about a toothache, have them rinse their mouth with warm water and help them floss the area. Many times, a toothache is simply caused by a stuck piece of food. If the tooth continues to ache, or if there is any swelling, contact your child’s dentist to schedule an exam as soon as possible.

Tooth Loss

Children naturally lose their baby teeth as they grow. If a child’s baby tooth falls out naturally, there is usually no need for immediate concern. If a child’s baby tooth is knocked out, this is still not usually an emergency. However, you may still want to contact your child’s dentist for an exam to ensure the force did not also damage the adult tooth. If an older child loses a permanent tooth, the sooner you see a dentist, the better. While a tooth’s nerves cannot be restored, there may still be a chance that your dentist can reattach the tooth.

At Mt. Airy Children’s Dental Associates, we understand how scary it can be to see your child suffer from a dental emergency. We work hard to provide quick and effective emergency treatment. Call us today at (301) 781-5337 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our emergency dental care.