Making Dental Care Fun for Kids

oral hygiene for kidsThe dental care team at Mt. Airy Children’s Dental Associates is dedicated to helping children and teens develop healthy oral habits. We want every patient to establish a healthy oral foundation through preventive dental care and oral hygiene at home between visits. Our team tries to educate young patients, their parents, and caregivers on how to avoid common dental problems. Seeing your child in our office on a regular basis enables us to offer personalized care and advice. We also provide age-appropriate instruction on toothbrushing, flossing, and other healthy oral habits.

We want pediatric dental care to be fun! Learning about what we do in our dentist’s office and exploring the science behind dental care can foster a lifelong appreciation for the benefits of good oral health. Below are links to online resources for educating your child on dental care in an entertaining manner. If you have questions or if your child has questions about our dental care, we welcome you to ask us at your next visit.

  • visit the ADA’s website dedicated to pediatric dental care needs and services.
  • oral health and hygiene tips for children of all ages.
  • help your young child be a better brusher! This site offers fun tips for daily oral hygiene. Teach your child how to brush effectively and for at least 2 minutes with tips and tricks.