Orthodontics Can Benefit Adults

At Mt. Airy Children’s Dental Associates, we provide comprehensive orthodontic services for all ages under one roof. Orthodontics focuses on addressing a range of bite-related problems through repositioning the teeth. Dr. Sheer is a highly trained and experienced orthodontist. He can meet the needs of patients in all stages of their oral health journey. Adult patients can often benefit greatly from orthodontic treatment if they have malocclusion, crooked teeth or have developed a bite problem and TMJ symptoms.

Orthodontics for Adults

Dr. Sheer works with adult patients who need orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons. These can range from cosmetic concerns related to the appearance of their teeth to complex bite problems causing discomfort. There are also many adults who experience “orthodontic relapse” after having treatment with braces as a teen.

The benefits of straight teeth and a comfortable, functional bite cannot be underrated. They play a role in oral and physical health as well as your daily quality of life. Treatment options for today’s patients include the option of discreet braces that are clear or invisible. Dr. Sheer is a Mt. Airy Invisalign provider and can often recommend these clear aligners for patients seeking a more discreet option. Invisalign is easy to use, comfortable and convenient.

We also offer more traditional options depending on your dental health needs and aesthetic goals. Straight teeth can help you avoid common dental problems like decay and gum disease because they are easier to keep clean and clear of food debris. A bite that is balanced due to proper tooth position makes it more comfortable to chew, speak and relax the jaw in a natural position. Orthodontic treatment may be part of a larger treatment plan to address TMJ dysfunction and associated symptoms.

Maintaining Your New Smile

After treatment, it is important to maintain your results for the lasting enjoyment of optimal oral health. We recommend wearing a retainer after your treatment to keep your smile healthy and your teeth in the proper position. After the initial post-treatment phase, where a retainer may be worn for a significant number of hours daily, continue to wear your retainer at night while sleeping.